posted on Aug. 10, 2015
Price of Tactisplay Table/Walk were lowered as of Aug. 10, 2015, to give opportunities to more customers and promote sales. We expect this price adjustment will enhance adopting GTD's in real life and will lead to find users from new domains. These new users will help establishing GTD market.
posted on July 14, 2015
TACTISPLAY Walk resolution was changed from 64x48 (3,072) resolution to 60x40 (2,400) for braille display capability. Original pixel pitch (gap between two adjacent pixels or pins) was 2.1mm, which is rather small for braille text display. We increased pixel pitch to 2.5mm for normal braille text display compatibility. Larger pixel gap was compensated with lower resolution.  After modification, this display can show 10 lines of 20 cells, total 200 braille cells. And it can display graphics with 60x40 pixels. Refresh time is set to 8 sec. All other dimensions and weight were not changed.

posted on July 13, 2015

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posted on July 11, 2015

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posted on July 4, 2015

Tactisplay Corp. launched TACTIS100, multi-line text braille display, having 100 cells. There are many 20, 40, 80 cells braille display in the market. But, all these displays have just one line where TACTIS100 has 4 lines of 25 cells each.

Multi-line functionality enables this display to show spreadsheet contents easily. Using its 4 lines, top line displays title of column when other 3 lines can display column contents. If selected current cells is changing, this display can show cells contents around the selected one.

In the text braille reading, its 100 cells will enable braille reader to sense 100 characteres simultaneously. It can display additional 20 characters compared to market high-end 80 cells display. But, its length, 305mm, is shorter than that of 40 cells braille display.

Refresh time of the display is set to 5 sec or less. Dimension is 305*128*45mm, weight is 1 kg.

  Total pixel count of TACTISPLAY Table changed from 15,000 to 12,000 for portability. Because we designed TACTISPLAY Table to meet 25 line of 40 cells requirement supposing two pixels space for vertical cell separatioon, the display originally had 15,000 pixels arranged in 120 x 125. But, as most braille books adopted one pixel separation and customers requires smaller form factor, we decided to supply TACTISPLAY Table that meets such requirements. Total pixel count is reduced to 12,000 pixels configured in 120 x 100. Still it has 1,000 braille cell counts. There is no difference in text display capability. Display dimension will be 413*324*45mm rather than original dimension of 413*386*45mm.

  30% off sale will end on July 8, 2015
posted on June 27, 2015
modified on July 3, 2015
  TACTISPLAY Table/Walk product 30% off sale will end in July 8, 2015. We shortened sale period, because rising of material & machining cost of part supply vendor is higher than our company expected.

  After the sales event, price will be reset to original.

posted on June 15, 2015

modified on July 1, 2015

  Tactisplay Corp. is launching 25 lines full braille display. This device can display 25 lines with each line containing 40 cells. It has total 1,000 braille cells, and this cell count is the largest in the refreshable braille display market.

  This device, named TACTISPLAY Table, is designed to replace bulky braille books. Braille books contents can be displayed using this device without any information loss. Original electronic data used for making braille books can be converted into the device easily. Student learning math, science will be benefited with this device.

  Screen reader S/W modified from NVDA will be supplied with this device. When connected to PC using Bluetooth, PC monitor contents will be transferred to the device. In standalone mode, graphic

or text files in the USB memory stick can be displayed
. If used in displaying graphic data, it can show 120*100 resolution using its 12,000 pixels. All braille graphics conforming to BANA standard can be displayed using this display.  Refresh time of the display is 8 sec, dimension is 413*324*45mm, weight is 6 kg.

  Tactisplay Corp. is supplying their products in 30% off price for 2 months. Order made till July 15, 2015 will be benefited with this pricing. In this period, price of TACTISPLAY Table is 8,500 USD.

Newly developed graphic tactile display for blind people

posted on May 2, 2015

Prototype of TACTISPLAY Walk

  Tactisplay Corp. has developed a prototype of graphic tactile display (graphic braille display) for the blind people. This device has individually actuated 3,072 cells configured in 64 column with 48 rows. With this configuration, it can show graphic information in raised tactile dots.

  If USB camera is connected, image captured in camera is automatically displayed, i.e., this device can be used as a mechanical eye for the blind people. There is no dangerous surgical operation required. User just need to carry the bag containing the device slung over the shoulder and clip USB camera to his/her eyeglasses to see the view.