TACTIS 100 is a 100 cell braille display that can display only the text. This product is similar to a traditional braille text display, but this product has the advantage of displaying multiple lines. The 100 cells built into this product consist of 4 lines of 25 cells each.

If you need a graphic braille display, you should choose TACTIS Table/Walk. The TACTIS Table can display text in 1,000 cells, or BANA-compatible images in 12,000 pixels. It has the highest resolution of any braille display on the market. However, it is quite large and heavy.

To study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), you need to master various types of diagrams, images, tables, and mathematical equations. In this case, the TACTIS Table would be a great tool.

If you want a graphic display, but you want a smaller and more portable product than the TACTIS Table, then TACTIS Walk is a good choice. This product is composed of 200 braille cells or 2,400 graphic pixels, allowing text and graphic display. When a USB camera is connected, the image captured by camera will appear on the display. Since the battery is built in, it can be used for 10 hours when fully charged.