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Selection Guide

  • TACTIS100 is text-only braille display with 100 cells. It is similar to any other braille display in the market in that it displays text only. But it is different in that it has multi-line display capability. Its 100 braille cells are configured in 4 lines of 25 cells.
  • If you need graphic braille display, then TACTISPLAY Table/Walk must be your choice. TACTISPLAY Table can display 1,000 characters in one page, total 12,000 pixels can show any BANA sized braille graphics. It is the best resolution braille display in the market, but it is rather large and heavy. 
  • Studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field requires sensing of graphical diagrams, images, spreadsheets and multiple lines of equations. In such a case TACTISPLAY Table could be good training aids.
  • If you want a graphic display, but with smaller form factor than TACTISPLAY Table, then TACTISPLAY Walk is your choice. It has 200 braille cells and 2,400 pixels. It is unique in having USB camera mode and having 10 hour battery which enables outdoor usage.

Selection Guide Flow Chart

Comparison of Product

Property TACTIS100
 Graphic Pixel Count
 12,000 Pixels
 2,400 Pixels
 Graphic Pixel Configuration
 120 x 100
 60 x 40
 Braille cells  100 Cells
 1,000 Cells
 200 Cells
 Braille cells Configuration
 25 Cells x 4 Lines  40 Cells x 25 Lines
 20 Cells x 10 Lines
 Screen update time  5 sec
 8 sec
 8 sec
 Device Mode
 Monitor mode
 USB stick mode
 Monitor mode
 USB stick mode
 Monitor mode
 USB stick mode
 USB camera mode
 305 x 128 x 45 mm  413 x 324 x 45 mm  293 x 195 x 53 mm
 1 kg
 6 kg
 2.5 kg
 -  10 hour