Most braille displays are single line displays. Because braille readers are constrained to single line slit, reading is a very slow and tedious process. There are a few multi-line or graphic braille displays in the market, but these are out of reach for most of blind people because of price.

Following picture compares 40 cells braille display vs TACTISPLAY Table. This display, in one shot, can show 25 times as many characters as normal 40 cells braille display. Using TACTISPLAY Table, you can check the structure of writing, skip paragraph or reread previous paragraph easily. It can display complex equations, graphs, spreadsheets and various life-form shapes which is crucial in math & science field.

TACTISPLAY Table has best resolution in the world. Having 25 lines of 40 cells, total 1,000 braille cells. When used in displaying braille graphics, its resolution is 120 x 100, i.e., total 12,000 pixels. You can display any BANA compatible braille graphics in one page.

Page refresh time is 8 seconds. With all these fancy functionalities, its price tag is low because of scanning actuator structure. Check FAQ for scanning actuator structure.

This display has fewer parts, which means increased durability, reduced weight, reduced power consumption, reduced material cost and low price tag.
It is for desktop usage only. If you connect this device to PC by Bluetooth, screen reader S/W NVDA will feed monitor contents to the device. When you insert USB memory stick, device will guide you to navigate across folders and select file to display. BRF file can be displayed by the device.

Its dimension is 413 x 324 x 45mm and its weight is 6 kg. TACTISPLAY Table has no battery unit inside.


Property  Value *
 Display configuration (Columns x Rows)  120 x 100
 Tactile pixel count **
 12,000 EA
 Braille cells **
 40 Cells x 25 Lines = 1,000 Cells
 Tactile pin height
 1.0 mm
 Distance between adjacent tactile pins
 2.5 mm
 Tactile pin diameter
 1.2 mm
 Tactile pin Force
 6 gf
 Screen update time  8 sec
 413 x 324 x 45 mm
 6 kg
 USB for memory stick
 PC Connection port
 S/W NVDA *** for Windows XP or later
 Battery No battery 
 Power consumption  < 35 W
 Adaptor power input
 100~230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
 Adaptor power output
 12 VDC, 4A max
 Certification  FCC, CE, KC

* This specfication is subject to change without notice.
** Conversion between pixel count and braille cell count is 12:1. Check FAQ for detailed information.

*** NVDA is a screen reader S/W developed by NV Access. Modified version will be delivered.


Bitmap image containing text and graphic image was used for demonstration.
(Courtesy of
OpenStax College, Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site. http://cnx.org/content/col11496/1.6/, Jun 19, 2013)

File:0312 Animal Cell and Components.jpg

This image is printed on TACTISPLAY Table and then arrow key was used in scaling image up/down and moving view window. Scientific materials including graphic image can be sensed by the blind people.

Wait few seconds to clear GTD screen


  • TACTISPLAY Table device
  • Power Adaptor 
  • Bluetooth dongle for PC
  • User manual
  • PC S/W installation media