Q : Meaning of TACTISPLAY ?


Q : What is GTD ?

A: GTD stands for Graphic Tactile Display or Graphic Braille Display, which means a braille display that displays graphics. GTD is capable of displaying more cells than a typical braille display. For example, compared to a typical 40-cell braille display, the TACTIS Walk is capable of displaying 200 cell braille, which is five times as many. In addition, GTD can display multiple lines of braille text, whereas a typical braille display can only display single line text. It can be used to express text structures, tables, mathematical equations, etc. In addition, GTD can also display graphic information. It is the only tool that delivers graphic changes to users in real time.

Q : What is the scanning method structure?

A: 12,000 independently drive pins are built in the TACTIS Table. It does not employ 12,000 independent actuators, only two bars each installed with 100 actuators are controlling 12,000 pins. Two bars with total 200 actuators reciprocates left and right across the pin assembly. When this bar arrives at the pin position, the driver drives the pin according to the information to be displayed, and the position of the pin is fixed by a patented locking method. After this one line is displayed, the bar will go to the next line and do the same again. In this way, 12,000 pins display information.

Q : Comparison with GTDs from other company ?

A: Among other GTDs, products with a faster screen refresh rate of 1 second or less are controlled by individual drivers, so they are sold as expensive products due to high cost. Among other GTDs, products with a slow screen refresh rate of 20 seconds or more are relatively inexpensive, but display efficiency is low. In other words, if you touch the display during the screen update, the pins at that location cannot be lifted up properly and become an error state. To avoid this error, do not touch the display for the refresh time (20 seconds). This means that the time the display can be used is limited. On the other hand, our GTD can use the display as much as possible during the screen update, and no error occurs in this situation.

Q : When will I receive the product?

A: Because the order quantity of GTD products is extremely limited, we usually collect orders for 2 months to decide whether to produce. When sufficient order is gathered, production of the product starts at that time, and production of the product takes almost 4 weeks. If gathered order is insufficient, production will be postponed until sufficient order is gathered. If you can’t wait longer, you can request a refund, a refund will be issued immediately, and the order will be cancelled. Please refer to the product purchase procedure.

Q : Is it waterproof?

A: All products currently in production are not waterproof. Because of the impregnated water, mechanical or electronic parts can cause problems, so avoid an environment where water can splash and be careful not to spill water on the product. We are planning a waterproof product, but it is likely to be bigger and heavier than the current product.