TACTISPLAY Walk was designed to be a mechanical eye for the blind people. This portable device can capture an image from USB camera and process it automatically and it is shown on the GTD (Graphic Tactile Display) for touch sensation.

Pin array has 60 columns each having 40 rows, total 2,400 pins. It is a scanning type graphic tactile display. Check FAQ for scanning type display. So, it has fewer parts, which means increased durability, reduced weight, reduced power consumption, reduced material cost and low price tag. With update time of 8 seconds, new image can be printed in every 8 seconds. 

If used as text braille display, its total 2,400 pixels can show 10 lines of 20 braille cells, total 200 cells. Driven by screen reader NVDA S/W, you can sense 5 times the data of normal 40 cells display in one shot. Like other product from Tactisplay Corp., it can show spreadsheet using its multiple rows.

This device is portable with 10 hours operating battery. Its frontal are is about A4 paper size and thickness is less then 53mm. Overall weight including battery is 2.5 kg. If you connect the device to PC by Bluetooth, it starts to show PC monitor screen, in this way, you can use PC using TACTISPLAY Walk as a tactile graphic monitor. In standalone mode, it can display BRF file in USB memory stick.

Please check youtube video.


Property  Value *
 Display configuration (Columns x Rows)  60 x 40 ***
 Tactile pixel count    
 2,400 EA
 Braille cells
 20 Cells x 10 Lines = 200 Cells
 Tactile pin height
 1.0 mm
 Distance between adjacent tactile pins
 2.5 mm ***
 Tactile pin diameter
 1.2 mm
 Tactile pin Force
 6 gf
 Screen update time  8 sec ***
 293 x 195 x 53 mm
 Weight (including battery)
 2.5 kg
 USB port
 USB cam
 USB memory stick
 PC connection  Bluetooth **
 PC connection S/W
 Windows XP or later
 Battery Type
 Li-Po, 3S
 Battery charging time  3 hours
 Battery using time  10 hours
 Power consumption  < 8W
 Battery charger type
 Li-Po, 3S, 2A
 Battery charger power input
 100~230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
 Battery charger power output
 12 VDC, 2A max
 Certification  FCC, CE, KC

* This specfication is subject to change without notice.
** Lan port was replace with Bluetooth port for S/W compatibility
*** Changed as of July 14, 2015.

GTD Running Procedure

1. Captured image is converted to 60 x 40 bitmap by image processor.
2. Bitmap image is printed on the GTD.
3. User touchs GTD to recognize captured image.

Image Processing

Original Image
 After processing

Check other image processing examples.

Printing Bitmap to GTD

Bitmap image (60 x 40 resolution) was printed on the device. Metallic clicking sound will be minimized in buyer's package.

Bitmap Image
 Device Operation

YouTube Video


  • TACTISPLAY Walk device
  • Li-Po Battery charger
  • USB cam
  • User manual
  • Bluetooth dongle for PC
  • PC S/W installation media

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