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Common FAQ

Q. What is the meaning of Tactisplay ?
A. Tactisplay is mixed word meaning tactile + display. Or it can be a abbreviation of tact-is-play. 

Q. What is a GTD ?
A. A GTD, i.e., Graphic tactile display, or graphic braille display, has multiple braille lines, when typical braille display has just one line. Let's compare GTD vs typical 40 cells braille display. First, GTD's display capacity is greater than typical braille display. For example, TACTISPLAY Walk has 200 braille cells, which is 5 times as many characters as typical 40 cells display. Second, GTD can display text in multiple lines, which makes it easy to transfer text structures, title/contents in spreadsheet, mathematical equations. Third, Because this GTD can show graphics information, which was impossible to sense without embossed printed materials. It will provide images, maps to users in real time.

Q. What is scanning type graphic braille display ?
A. For TACTISPLAY Table, we needs 12,000 individually controllable pins. Rather than loading 12,000 actuators, we decided to load just 200 actuators. Line actuator array with 200 actuators travels back and forth under the pin plate assembly. When line actuator array arrives under pin position, actuators are powered to raise pins, and patented locking mechanism locks the pins in raised position, and then line actuator array moves to next pin location. In this way, whole 12,000 pins can be updated one line by another. After all pins are locked, no power is needed to holding pin in raised position. Pressing pin down can lower raised pin temporarily, but this pin will bounce back if you remove your finger. State of pin can be changed only by actuators, not by force of finger.

Q. Comparison with other GTD's from competitors ?
A. There are other GTD's in the market. Some of them are fast refreshing (< 1 sec) with each pixel made of one actuator. Because all pixels are individual actuators, its price is extremely high. The others are slow refreshing (>  20 sec), they are relatively cheaper but they have low display efficiency. Low display efficiency meaning that if these GTD's claim it have 20 second refresh time, this means that you cannot touch GTD in this refresh time. If you touch it in this restricted time range, dot cannot be raised properly and distorted image can be displayed. So, low display efficiency means that actual display time is just a fraction of total device running time. For TACTISPLAY Walk/Table, there is no restricted time range, so you can touch and feel TACTISPLAY Walk/Table in any time, it has efficiency 100%.

Q. When can I receive items after payment ?
A. Normally, we collect orders/payments for two months. If sufficient number of order (at least 10 items) is ready in that period, we start manufacturing process, which will takes 4 weeks. If there are insufficient orders for manufacturing, we will wait another two months after we refund all customers who will not wait further. Check purchase procedure for other details.

Q. Is it water proof ?
A. No. Because it is not water proof, water can smear to the device. This smeared water can accelerate corrosion of mechanical parts and can create short ciruict route for internal circuit board and battery. Don't use the device in a situation when water splash or spill is likely. We are planning to develop water proof version, but it will be more heavier and bulkier than current version.


Q. Life expectancy TACTISPLAY Table ?
A. We guarantee 500,000 page views in warranty period. All problems originated from the display itself within 1 year warranty period will be fixed free of charge.

Q. Relation between Graphics pixel count and braille cell count 
A. Braille cells requires 2 x 3 dots for text representation. When displaying braille text using graphic pixels, it requires inter-character and inter-line space. Including these spaces, a braille cell requires 3 x 4 = 12 graphic pixels. 12,000 pixel = 1,000 cells. Following is example of 9 x 8 = 72 pixels display used as a 6 cells braille display.


Q. Life expectancy of TACTISPLAY Walk ?
A. We guarantee 500,000 page views in warranty period. All problems originated from the display itself within 1 year warranty period will be fixed free of charge.

Q. Can I use
TACTISPLAY Walk when moving ?
A. Yes. You can use TACTISPLAY Walk when walking. 

Q. Can I use TACTISPLAY Walk in a car ?
A. Yes. But, don't leave the device in a car in summer. Sunlight can apply heat to dashboard area, temperature of which can rise enough to deteriorate or damage Li-Po battery inside the device placed there. If plastic cover at battery position (or keypad position) is swollen, it could be caused by swollen battery. Send us the device for check and repair. 

Q. What can I do for longer battery life ?
A. Please don't discharge battery completely. It can shorten battery life dramatically. TACTISPLAY Walk contains battery protection circuit model, normally called PCM, but it cannot protect battery in all situation. For safety, when you charge device, please monitor battery if exceptional heat is generated. If exceptional heat is detected, separate charger. Use the device after temperature is normalized.

Q. I lost battery charger. Can I use other DC voltage adaptor ?
A. No. Adaptor supplied in the package is Li-Po charger. It detects battery voltage and controls current properly. But normal DC adaptor does not have such function, it will try to charge battery infinitely, which can shorten battery life and can be a source of fire. Don't take a risk of making fire! This battery charger can be bought from us separately.

Q. Can I exchange battery by myself ?
A. No. To exchange battery, top plastic cover must be separated from the bottom cover. But separating it not only invalidate warranty but also can generate serious problem on crucial mechnical parts. If battery dischargs too fast, it is good time to consult overhaul service from Tactisplay Corp.


Q. Life expectancy TACTIS100 ?
A. We guarantee 500,000 page views in warranty period. All problems originated from the display itself within 1 year warranty period will be fixed free of charge.

Q. Can it display graphics ?
A. No. It is text braille display. It cannot display graphics. If you want graphics display, check TACTISPLAY Table.

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