Simulation shooting training system configuration

A general simulation shooting training system consists of a control system, a shooting controller, an impact point analysis system, and a training image as shown below.

First, under the control of the control officer, zero-point shooting, real-range shooting, and situation-specific training are initiated, training progress is monitored, and interventions such as stopping shooting of specific shooting lane are done.

Second, a shooting controller that manages the virtual ammunition granted by the control system, subtracts the amount of ammunition left when the shooter fires, controls the actuator for realizing the recoil of the firearm, and reports all of these situations to the control system.

Third, an impact point analysis system that tries to find the location on the screen that gun’s muzzle aims upon triggering and calculates it as a screen coordinate value and delivers it to the training content server.

Fourth, the training content server that displays the training contents through the projector/monitor, calculates the score on shooting accuracy and ht count, and displays the NPC motion change in the training content according to whether the NPC hits or not.

Impact point analysis principle

When the infrared laser mounted on the muzzle is turned on and hits the screen, the camera captures the screen and sends it to the impact analysis system to calculate the coordinates of the impact point. The impact point analysis system converts the detected coordinates (camera shooting coordinate system) into a screen coordinate system in consideration of the screen size, camera angle of view, and tilt angle of the camera, and transmits it to the training content server.

Recoil device

The pressurized air generated from the external compressor is connected to the firearm through the pneumatic solenoid in the middle of the pneumatic line, and there is a built-in recoil generating device that generates firearm recoil reaction inside the firearm. The pneumatic solenoid inside is opened for a short time, and the high pressure air passing through the pneumatic solenoid pushes the piston connected to the weight in the recoil generating device to generate a recoil reaction.

After that, when the high pressure air is stopped, the piston returns to its original position by a restoring device such as a spring, and recoil system prepares for the next cycle.

System Control Review

Advantages over other companies

  • Minimized position error and delays in calculating the impact point during simultaneous triggering (the best technology between competitors)
  • Durability-tested firearms and systems
  • Technical support staff

Training performance

  • Zero point shooting training available
  • Range shooting from 50m to 250m possible
  • Acutal scenario based training contents can be added and supplied
  • Simulation guns and systems for creek adjustment training can be made on special order

Target hardware

  • PC for control system
  • PC for training contents S/W
  • Shooting controller
  • Camera (with infrared filter)
  • Frame grabber
  • Mock firearms (including infrared laser)
  • KVM switch
  • Ethernet hub

S/W subject to supply

  • Control system license
  • Training contents S/W license
  • Impact Analysis System License
  • Windows 10 license