Overhaul Service

  TACTISPLAY Walk/Table or TACTIS100 require periodic overhaul to maintain functional state of the device. It is recommended the device be overhauled yearly. Overhaul includes following items.

    1. Checking all mechanical parts individually,
    2. Replacing deteriorated parts
    3. Lubricating parts under friction
    4. Checking battery state and replacing battery if necessary
    5. Updating firmware to latest version

Repair Service

  When TACTISPLAY Walk/Table or TACTIS100 is damaged or mal-functioning, the device needed to be shipped to service center of Tactisplay Corp. for checking and repairing. We have all the facilities and parts to repair the device properly and testing its function. We are trying to provide fast repairing services to return fixed device to customer ASAP.

Custom-made GTD Service

  We can supply special sized scanning type graphic braille display when customer orders MOQ or more items.  

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