Multi-line Braille Display, TACTIS100, launched by Tactisplay Corp.

— Get 100 cells braille display at price of typical 40 cells display or lower

Tactisplay Corp. launched TACTIS100, multi-line text braille display, having 100 cells. There are many 20, 40, 80 cells braille display in the market. But, all these displays have just one line where TACTIS100 has 4 lines of 25 cells each.

Multi-line functionality enables this display to show spreadsheet contents easily. Using its 4 lines, top line displays title of column when other 3 lines can display column contents. If selected current cells is changing, this display can show cells contents around the selected one.

In the text braille reading, its 100 cells will enable braille reader to sense 100 characteres simultaneously. It can display additional 20 characters than 80 cells display, which is 570mm long. Its length, 305mm, is shorter than that of 40 cells braille display.

Screen reader S/W modified from NVDA will be supplied with this device. When connected to PC using Bluetooth, PC monitor contents will be transferred to the device. In standalone mode, text files in the USB memory stick can be displayed. 

Refresh time of the display is set to 5 sec or less. Dimension is 305*128*45mm, weight is 1 kg.

Price of this display is set to under 2,000 USD, which is lower than any 40 cells braille display in the market, apart from the 80 cells braille display, which is normally sells at more than 7,000 USD.