Full Page Braille Display being launched by Tactisplay Corp.

— Largest braille display in the market with 1,000 braille cells

Braille display in the market generally can display just one line of text at a time. Reading books through single line slit is very difficult and slow process. So, braille display users waited for long time for full page braille display. Using full page braille display, braille reader can touch and read one page text in one shot.

Tactisplay Corp. is launching 25 lines full page braille display. This device can display 25 lines with each line containing 40 cells. It has total 1,000 braille cells, and this cell count is the largest in the refreshable braille display market.  

This device, named TACTISPLAY Table, is designed to replace bulky braille books. Braille books contents can be displayed using this device without any information loss. Original electronic data used for making braille books can be converted into the device easily. Student learning math, science will be benefited with this device.

Screen reader S/W modified from NVDA will be supplied with this device. When connected to PC using Bluetooth, PC monitor contents will be transferred to the device. In standalone mode, graphic or text files in the USB memory stick can be displayed.

If used in displaying graphic data, it can show 120*125 resolution using its 15,000 pixels. All braille graphics conforming to BANA standard can be displayed using this display.

Refresh time of the display is 8 sec, dimension is 413*386*45mm, weight is 6 kg.

Tactisplay Corp. is supplying their products in 30% off price for 2 months. Order made till Aug 15, 2015 will be benefited with this pricing. In this period, price of TACTISPLAY Table is 8,500 USD. 

Check website (www.tactisplay.com) for further information.