Company Information

  Tactisplay Corp. is a small firm located in South Korea and in the business since 2008.
Our specialty is creative design and low cost manufacturing. We developed various sensors, actuators, controllers, DSP systems, simulators, production monitoring systems, production schedulers for many industries. But, our main interest is developing & producing graphic tactile/braille display for the blind or deafblind people.

  We tested hundreds of ideas, targeting at low cost, high density tactile pins, fast enough, durable graphic tactile display. Finally we were able to develop innovative GTD product for blind people that meets our cirteria.
  We expect that there are lots of opportunity in this market for a competent small company to grow. There are still many vendors around world that claimed to develop portable thin graphic braille display in near future, but there is no vendor that kept promise. Saying is very easy compared to lot of efforts and creativity required in designing a practical & innovative mechanical system. If you are interested in cooperation or investment, please don't forget to enlist our company.


                                                                     Jeong Yeol Lee
                                                                     CEO of Tactisplay Corp.

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